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i havent wrote n here 4 along time

shit i havent wrote in dis shyt for so damn long...its all about dat myspace but i decided to write in here cuz im bored....well first off i'd like to say i go wit da bestest boyfriend eva..no not kurt or cliff it andre...omg i love him so much i dont kno wat i'd do without dat boy...me and katie are still friends no fight really dis year...me and katheryn r str8 we've had fights dis year but we've gotten thru dem like always..cliff dropped out and moved to miami for drug rehab...kadeen is str8 i guess we dont talk really anymore...eva since i started goin out witandre cuz dey are homeboys and shyt like dat...umm...kurt is fine he's mad at hedley for going out wit mary..kurts ex...umm dorrell and madeline go out...me and madeline are so close now..kinda scary right?!?!?!....umm school is goin good....i only go to c mah boo...(andre)....we had midterms last week so i went to andre's afta dem... : P.....yea...den madeline came ova mah house on wedsenday and i invited kurt and omar and katie n mah house and kurt totally destoryed my room..lol...but i cleaned it up...im goin to sawgrass tonight for nicole's b-day happy birthday gurl...lol...anways i gotta get ready to go to lasonya cuz shes mah ride...lol....peace

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