♥i [[WANT]] YO0U♥ (whoachillout) wrote,
♥i [[WANT]] YO0U♥

mah weekend

well dis week has been weird...
on friday i dint even go to school
i skipped wit lasonya
den i rode mah bike to south and picked up katie den i was towin her home and we ran into sumthing and fell n front of our homegurl dat shit was so funny...den i went to rebeccas we had fun we were callin everyone talkin to dem...rohan and kurt and kadeen and andre anwsered lol we are so dumb den i came home and i was supposed to go to sawgrass but trustyn couldnt go so yea u kno...den me and andre got into anotha bog ass fight online but its all go0d now we str8 now i swear i fight wit dat boy more den ever now cuz i didnt fight went him wen we went out..umm...today will b exactly a month afta andre broke up wit me...yea sad i kno..time goes by so slowly wen ur not wit da person u love so much well comment

too0dlez noodl3
Aka Sho0t3r
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