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ahh...valentines day is tomorrow♥

i hate dis time of year always have always will...ive neva had a valentne and i dont expect to have one dis year...dis saturday was so much fun i went to drill competetion and we won more den 3 trophys so we got to have a party ova at madelines dat shit was off da chain..i neva knew nate and benzy could get down like dat...lmao...i daned wit nando or doylet as i call him...he can dance i think i might like him but i also like anthony latorre...but he has a girlfriend but she is ugly as fuck...and also he is andre homeboy so i dunno..i still want andre really ad i guess me likin otha boys is a way to keep mah mind off of dre♥...and maybe fool everyone into thinkin i still like him..♥♥♥....hopefully it works...i saw him today n da library i gave him his money i owed him and left den came back and i had to get warn so i cuddled wit him...it was cute den i went on da computer and chilled..h came ova and took mah metro♥ he said he got a nextel but i dont believe him...cuz i believed all dat shit wen we went out i dont trust him anymore...but hey i dunno ill get ova it...he wanted a piece but he didnt want to ask me cuz i think he thinks im mad at him or dont wanna give him shit but i offered him a piece...i hate valentines day but i hope dis year is different for me and mah valentines day is special♥♥♥

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